CP Carbon - The non plus ultra!

Helmet developers focus all their attention on providing winter sports enthusiasts with safety and protection against injury sustained on the piste from falling or crashing. CP doesn't make any compromises in this respect. Things simply don't get much better than CP's Camurai Carbon ski helmet.

The magic word here is CARBON. This extremely resilient compound material is being increasingly used for manufacturing aircraft parts. The "wonder of stability" also finds more and more applications in the luxury segment of the automobile industry. CARBON has the advantage of providing unrivaled stability at a minimal specific weight. It is highly complex, time-consuming and costly to process carbon. The material is extremely hard and requires special cutting, grinding and drilling tools and methods that go far beyond the ordinary manufacturing process.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the CP Camurai Carbon is a helmet in our upper price range. But it's not just carbon that makes the Camurai shine. Optimal protection against impacts requires optimal shock absorption. This is where the inner shell made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) comes in. Countless miniscule air chambers provide an extraordinarily effective shock absorber. EPS is extremely light and easy to shape, and – most importantly for a ski helmet – it is water and sweat proof.

Last but not least, the visor of the CP Camurai Carbon is made from top quality polycarbonate. This type of plastic features an extremely high optical purity and does not splinter, no matter how hard the fall. Polycarbonate works perfectly with numerous optical visor enhancements for protecting the skier 100% against damaging UV rays. Camurai visors also feature a polarized coating. Apart from looking stunning, it also significantly improves visibility.

The CP Camurai Carbon is the top product in today's market thanks to its technical specs and beautiful styling. Its simple elegance and real leather ear pads make it a must-have accessory. Simply the non plus ultra!