CP Camulino ski helmet

Full visor helmets – ideal for kids

The CAMULINO fits your youngsters like a glove. Developed for young people, this full visor ski helmet is extremely comfortable and does not make any compromises when it comes to safety. The additional impact protection for the back of the head is a feature that makes it stand out from other products in terms of safety.

Under the shell, which is visibly enforced with robust EVA material, the CAMULINO has several soft factors that ensure total fun on the piste. The CP ski helmet ventilation system with flexible ventilation slots is adjustable to optimally adapt to climatic conditions. The temperature inside the helmet is always perfect, thus providing a pleasant climate.

The all in one ski helmet provides an even and clear view thanks to its fog stop coating – no more misting up of the visor. Even corrective spectacles stay clear and easily fit underneath the visor.

The ears are also well protected. The two ear pads are reinforced with pleasantly soft, high-quality EVA material, making them comfortable, safe and stylish. On top of all this, the helmet looks totally cool – another key factor to young people's enjoyment on the piste.

The helmet can easily be adjusted to fit growing heads thanks to the CP size adapting system.

CP Camulino helmet

Camulino full visor ski helmet in Action
Camulino full visor ski helmet