The ODSA System from CP

Experience has shown that CP helmets, due to their design and the use of outstanding materials, offer the best possible protection against head injuries. But even the best helmet can’t always prevent traumatic injuries (craniocerebral trauma) in case of a fall, if the helmets does not hit the hard surface perpendicularly, but at an angle. The resulting force, which causes the brain to skid, increases the risk of traumatic brain injury. The central elements of the ODSA system are two separate polystyrene shells that are connected to each other by three gel pads. Originally developed for use in medicine and industry, this gel material is the ideal choice for extended protection in case of fall or collision. The gel pads are very stable and remain elastic also in the cold. They have the shape memory of a solid body - so they spring back into their original form after being stressed. If the helmet is hit at an angle, the force can be more effectively absorbed and deflected in all directions. Additional protection for forehead and temples is provided by a cushioning glass fibre-reinforced polyurethane ribbon, which is fixed on the EPS shell.

All versions of the CP CORAO+ are equipped with the ODSA system

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The most important facts in brief

The core elements are two EPS shells connected by ever-elastic hi-tech gel pads. The forces generated during an oblique collision are absorbed and deviated in all directions (omni directional). The impact on the skull is significantly reduced and so is the risk of brain injuries.

Construction and Safety

As the visor helmet pioneer, CP offers a wide range of products that includes all industry standards of ski helmet construction. Each type has different features, which you should be aware of before making your choice. The three most important builds:

Hard-shell helmets

Hard-shell helmets consist of one thick, durable shell of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is glued or bolted to a light polystyrene lining. The result is a very protective helmet: impact-resistant on the outside, shock-absorbing and insulating on the inside. CP hard shell helmets are among the lightest available on the market.


Hybrid Helmets

The hybrid helmet combines the advantages of a hard-shell and of a inmold helmet: a hard-shell made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) - which offers maximum protection - is mounted on an inmold lining, for high solidity and a light weight, without sacrificing comfort.



Inmold helmets draw their origins from cycling. They consist of a relatively thin PC (polycarbonate) outer shell and an inner polystyrene shell, which dampens the impact (in the event of a collision or fall) by collapsing. The polycarbonate outer shell and the polystyrene lining are connected to one another in a single manufacturing process, by using high pressure and heat. The result is a one-piece helmet that is featherlight and delivers great value for money.



All CP CUMA helmets are additionally equipped with CLIMATE+. This unique ventilation system combines fully adjustable ventilation with a waterproof and breathable membrane - called CP-TEX - which prevents snow and water from penetrating into the helmet, while at the same time allowing damp, warm air to escape. This exclusive system ensures that the climate inside the helmet is always dry and pleasant.

Active Ventilation

The adjustable air system enables the active control of cooling and ventilation. Thanks to a handy slider, which can be comfortably operated with your gloves on, the climate inside the helmet can be regulated at will, always ensuring the most comfortable environment for your head.


Passive Ventilation

This is a built-in system with fewer adjustment options. This simple, yet effective setup allows a constant, direct flow of air supply to the head, which can be interrupted at any time by the user.

Size Adapting System

Despite the excellent fit of all CP All-in-One helmets, the perfect individual size can be tricky to find. This is where the CP SIZE ADAPTING SYSTEM comes into play. With a rotating ring, fine adjustments are carried out effortlessly and with millimetric precision, without having to take your gloves off.

Removable Inner Lining

Every CP helmet (excl. CP Carachillo/Carachillo XS) features a comfortable inner lining which can be removed and washed in your machine, hence allowing for an always fresh and hygienic skiing experience.


CP helmets’ earpads provide ideal shelter from wind and cold, without muffling sound and impairing the hearing. This is a very important feature, considering your safety on today’s ever-increasing traffic on the slopes. The inside of the pads is made of the same material as the inner lining of the helmet, and they can be easily removed or replaced.