Cuma Cashmere

As the name suggests, cashmere comes from the Kashmir region. Cashmere goats from this region are especially known for their particularly f ine undercoat. (15 to 19 micrometers, and up to 90 millimeters long). This makes this wool especially fine. This wool is particularly suited to making luxury shawls and pullovers due to its extraordinary ability to retain warmth and its extremely fine fibers. This noble cloth is now being deployed for the first time in a ski helmet.


Model: griffin s.t./silver birch s.t dl polarized/vario lens
Visor: 10: dl polarized vario lens

All cp helmets are equipped with a unique Size Adapting System. A single dial allows perfectly adjusting the helmet to your head size.

CP all in one helmets‘ top quality visors don't just look good – they can easily be changed without any special tools.

The removable ear pads provide reliable protection against cold, wind and wetness. The sophisticated construction of the ear pads ensures the acoustic requirements for communication and the necessary reception of noises on the slopes.

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