The CP visors

The heart of every All-in-One helmet is the visor: CP offers a growing number of high-quality visors.

The high-grade polycarbonate used to produce them ensures outstanding break- and scratch-resistance, while maintaining exceptional optical purity. Another exceptional feature is that all visors are interchangeable and can be easily mounted throughout the entire range of CP helmets. 

Antifog (fogstop) coating

The hydrophilic fogstop coating prevents fogging (misting) of the inner side of the visor. It reduces the surface tension of the water and allows it to spread to a thin, smooth film with unnoticeable optical distortion. This ensures optimal visibility, which in turn significantly increases safety when skiing/snowboarding.

Photochromic lenses

Photochromatic lenses - also known as "light-adaptive" or "self-toning" lenses - have the great feature of automatically adjusting the tint and adapting to changing light conditions: the sunnier it gets, the darker the visor turns. With cloudy or overcast sky, the visor brightens up automatically. How it works: the photochromatic molecules embedded in the visor darken as a reaction to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and return to their original state as soon as the UV radiation decreases.

Patented visor fastener

The superb visor fastening clamp made of high-quality, cast polyamide and the precise gear-shaped ring are the result of intensive field testing and knowledgeable engineering. For this reason, CP has patented its own original design.