Removable Earpads

All CP helmets mount ear pads that are easy to remove and whose interior is made of the same material as the inner lining of the helmet, while the outer surface comes in different materials. The function of the ear pads is to provide protection against wind, while allowing you to hear the noises of your surroundings.

Size-adjusting System

Since the shape of the head is not perfectly circular and each person is different, this very important feature allows you to fine tune the fitting of the helmet on your head, after you have found the right size for you. In order to allow its protective function to be fulfilled, a helmet has to fit snug but not too tight, as you must wear it for many hours a day and be able to enjoy your rides.

Changeable Visor

CP all in one helmets' top quality visors don't just look good – the can easily be changed without any special tools.

Active vs. Passive Ventilation

Ventilation is a very important factor when choosing any modern bike helmet. Counting how many vents a certain helmet has is one way of getting to know how well-ventilated the helmet is. Adjustable or active ventilation involves a slider that opens and closes vents to regulate temperature at your will. Passive ventilations are built with optimally placed slits that are always open.

Active Ventilation

Active ventilation allows you to actively control the air flow around their head, with separate sliders over the vents on top of the helmet that can be adjusted. This will give you the freedom to open the vents on warm days or to shut them up when a chilly wind rolls in and you want to keep it nice and warm.

Passive Ventilation

This involves a built-in system without adjustment. Basic but effective, it creates a constant, direct air flow over your head all day long, keeping you cool without making you freeze. There is no way to close these vents, unless they are provided with removable plugs.