• rx quality
• prisma corrected
• 100% UV protection
• lenses in polycarbonate
• polarised version

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black shiny pc green
black shiny pc brown pol
black shiny pc brown pol
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dark brown canabis pc brown
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not just any other sunglasses...

cp has put all its strength and technical know-how in lens technology as well as an excellent feeling for fashionable framing into creating this outstanding collection.

the requisite goal in all our efforts is not only to fit women’s and men’s faces well, but also to meet the high demands of people wearing sunglasses in the most extreme situations in sports and leisure.
that’s why all cp-eyewear is being tested in rugged situations by a highly competent sports team selected from different sport fields. the close partnership enables cp to immediately effect changes and to constantly improve the high-quality, state-of-the-art product.

lenses are made of high-quality polycarbonate and provide 100% uv protection in risk zones throughout the range of tinting.
the elaborate high-tech coating and coloring coordinated with the latest fashion demands provide the very best viewing comfort. The best wearing comfort means not noticing the frame on the nose and cheeks and... looking extremely good! allow your customer to compare the feeling between wearing just any sunglasses or wearing cp-eyewear!
the same strict standards are used for the manufacture of cp-eyewear frames. each pair is made from high-quality injection molded materials, which are finished through additional time-consuming processes to an unsurpassed standard. this can only be compared to finely milled acetate.
combinations of different coatings make it possible to achieve the exceptional cp finish, while adding to the frame’s strength and stability.
each individual set of frames is automatically pre-adjusted at the end of production. the client can sense the value of each pair of cp-glasses at the very first fitting.

tough eyes
tough eyes is a high-quality hard coating for polycarbonate lenses. it is used with all cp sunglasses and sports glasses and provides:
• excellent adhesion between coating and lens
• protection against cracking or breakage
• high abrasion resistance
• minimum sensitivity to temperature fluctuations
• enhanced product life

high-quality clear view is a high-tech hydrophobic coating ideally suited to polycarbonate lenses, using a brand-new vacuum technology. a thin film increases protection against impacts, falls and accidents.
It also provides increased functionality: no more fogging from breath, perspiration, mist, snow or raindrops. The coating forces drops to form droplets and slide off the lens without leaving any residue. It is easier to clean lenses soiled by solid particles, such as those found in creams and mud. hqcv allows better vision during all activities.

cp pol lenses stand for optimal protection. the cp pol filter is inserted between two extremely thin polycarbonate lenses by means of a sandwich technology. it filters out irritating reflections, bundles and arranges scattered light, improves colour recognition and enhances contrast. the result is fully relaxed vision, even under the most difficult conditions. it is an invaluable aid on ice for recognizing snow patterns and snow depth, or for looking into water when fishing or doing water sports, etc...
ultimate technology meets comfort and high fashion...

adaptive lenses:
owing to photo chrome technique the light permeability of vario-lenses adapt rapidly to the intensity of sunrays. these lenses offer optimal view in low, medium and bright sunligt. vario lenses are perfect for sports and leisure. if you require best protection, comfort and functionality, cp vario lenses are the best choice.