CP – All in one helmets

We, the CP Team, proudly present to you this extraordinary helmet collection. The all in one helmets have been created through ongoing development and master craftsmanship in our production department.

Carbon Protection

State-of-the-art materials.

CP uses carbon, one of the most exclusive materials in the world. It is extremely light yet provides unrivaled physical stability. Carbon enjoys great popularity in space technology, among luxury automobile manufacturers, and in any situation that demands non-compromising, tough constructions.

Changeable Visor

CP all in one helmets' top quality visors don't just look good – the can easily be changed without any special tools.

Removable earpads

Most CP helmets feature removable earpads. They provide reliable protection against cold, wind, and rain. Their sophisticated design ensures that even faint outside noises can be heard.

Controllable Air System

The adjustable ventilation system provides wearers with a cool and pleasant climate inside the helmet. The valves are adjusted with just one slider.

Size adapting system

The popular size adapting system adjusts the helmet to fit every shape of head to ensure a perfect fit without pressure points.