Brochure CP Helmets 2019/2020

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Brochure CP Helmets 2018/19

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Linelist CP 2018–2019

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Product Photos 2018/2019

  • CP Camurai Carbon16515 – Camurai Carbon/dark carbon F12 s.t./ black s.t.; dl vario BR Pol Ice mirror comfort lens
    The top model of the CP CAMURAI collection is offered as a soft touch version in an innovative look with a newly developed comfort lens of Brown polarised material, equipped with highquality multi-reflection.
  • CP Cuma Cashmere37015 – powdergrey s.t./powdergrey s.t.; dl vario br Pol White mirror
    The CP CUMA CASHMERE is unbeatable in terms of wearing comfort. In addition to the superb CLIMATE+ climate system and the SIZE ADAPTING SYSTEM, which is self-evident for CP, this helmet cossets with its
    inner parts of pure cashmere wool, manufactured by Loro Piana in Italy. The soft-touch finsh and the Visor with the Comfortlens and White mirror, round off this splendid helmet.
  • CP Cuma Cubic37513 – black cubic s.t./black s.t. ; dl vario si mirror
    The design of the CP CUMA CUBIC is reminiscent of old-fashioned embroidery, thereby setting a counterpoint to the high-tech world on the slopes. Obviously however, under the Cubic shell, a CP helmet is hidden with all its outstanding features, such as CLIMATE +, SIZE ADAPTING SYSTEM, perfect fit and, of course, it is equipped with the CP visor, which is unique in its function.
  • CP Carachillo78627 – vulcano s.t./maize; dl vario mc mirror
    A modern, cool and minimalist design distinguishes the new CP CARACHILLO helmet. Equipped with 6 air vents, the famous SIZE ADAPTING SYSTEM and also the new visor, specially developed for this helmet of the CP range, it offers the perfect equipment for ambitious winter-sports enthusiasts.